Absorbable Modified Polymers (AMP®)

SuperClot® Absorbable Polysaccharide Hemostat is a medical device composed of absorbable modified polymer (AMP®) particles and delivery applicator. AMP®particles are biocompatible, non-pyrogenic and derived from purified plant starch. The device contains no human or animal components. SuperClot® is intended as an absorbable hemostat system to control bleeding during surgical procedures or following traumatic injuries.

Ordering Information - SuperClot

Rapid Hemostasis

Concentrates blood to form a clot within seconds
Fast penetration through blood to reach the bleeding source
Adhesive gel is formed to help seal and protect the wound


Bioinert, plant-based source
No animal or human components
Natural absorption in the human body within a few days

Easy to Use

Ready to use, off the shelf deployment
Variety of applicators for various procedures


Cost effective
Saves hospital money