PentraSorb® CRP (by Pentracor, Germany), highly selective and highly efficient CRP-adsorber for extracorporeal therapeutic lowering of C-reactive protein.

CRP is widely considered to be only an inflammatory marker, but there is substantial evidence that CRP also plays a key role in tissue injury in the event of inflammation. In such cases lowering the CRP level may prevent further tissue damage.

For the application of PentraSorb® CRP two devices are needed: a primary device for the separation of blood from its plasma and a secondary device for controlling and timing of the apheresis cycles. The therapeutic CRP apheresis with PentraSorb® CRP is performed in a number of cycles in which CRP removal and adsorber regeneration alternate.

Studies – ongoing and to come:

• CAMI1 - CRP apheresis after myocardial infarction

• CAMCRO - CRP apheresis in Crohn´s disease

• CASTRO - CRP apheresis after stroke

• CAPR - CRP apheresis in acute pancreatitis

• CASIR - CRP apheresis in SIRS (post-op)

• CASPAR - CRP apheresis in Morbus Bechterew

PentraSorb® CRP:

• Highly selective CRP removal

• Highly efficient CRP removal

• Regenerable single-column

• Repeated usage

• Safe and easy to use

• CE-marked

Selective Apheresis of C-Reactive Protein: A New Therapeutic Option in Myocardial Infarction? by Sheriff et al. published in Journal of Clinical Apheresis, 2015).

The aim of the trial was to successfully remove CRP from porcine plasma after AMI and to study potential benefits of reduced CRP level on the size of infarct area. From 5 animals CRP was removed by PentraSorb® CRP and additional 5 served as controls. The area of infarction was analysed by MRI on day 1 and day 14 after AMI. Porcine CRP levels were determined by ELISA.

Study concluded that selective CRP-apheresis significantly reduces CRP levels and the volume of the infarction zone after AMI. Additionally, it changes the morphology of the scars and preserves cardiac output (LVEF).

Enclosed please find mentioned trial for your reference.

“Selective CRP apheresis significantly reduces CRP levels … “

“…it changes the morphology of the scars and preserves cardiac output (LVEF).”

Conditions in which use of PentraSorb® CRP can be used include:

• Acute Myocardial Infarction

• Stroke

• Cerebral Ischemia

• Rheumatoid Diseases

• Acute Pancreatitis