BioGlue’s mode of action allows it to seal the anastomoses regardless of the patient’s coagulopathic state. BioGlue is especially useful if the native tissue is calcified or fragile, because it will not only seal the anastomosis but also provide reinforcement to the suture line.

Since launch, BioGlue has been used in over 2,000,000 procedures worldwide.

BioGlue is the Strongest Surgical Sealant on the Market¹

BioGlue is a valuable adjunct in numerous cardiac procedures such as Ventricular Assist Device implantation (outflow aortic anastomosis), aortic valve replacement (full root and aortotomies), aneurysm repair, aortic dissection repair and various other large vessel repair.

Saves you time in the OR ² ³

• Reducing operating room time

• Reducing cross clamp time

• Reducing circulatory arrest time

• Reducing bypass time

Saves your hospital money on blood products and hospital stay ³ ⁴

• Reducing platelets

• Reducing plasma

• Reducing blood cells

BioGlue Economic Advantage

Provides better clinical results ⁴ ⁵ ⁷ ⁸

• Lower mortality rates compared to standard surgical technique (8.6% vs. 15% respectively)

• Lower pseudoaneurysm rates comparing BioGlue to standard technique (2% vs. 3.8% respectively)

• Over 500 published preclinical papers and clinical papers


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