Tunnelling system Scanlan

The Scanlan Group

The SCANLAN® Vascular Tunnelling System combines high quality grasping forceps with single-use tunneler sheaths for fast, accurate, atraumatic implantation of subcutaneous grafts.

The Scanlan tunneler enables atraumatic tunneling and allows the insertion of a prosthesis or vein without fear of bending, twisting or stretching, and the minimum diameter of the casing will reduce tissue damage, thus reducing bleeding and reducing the healing time of the platform.

If you want to replace your current tuner with a new one or you do not currently have such a solution, we offer a favourable promotional offer:

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The grasping forceps features include . . .

• A choice of three styles: Vascular tunneler grasping forceps (52 cm), A/V Access tunneler grasping forceps (30.5 cm), and Full Curve A/V Access tunneler grasping forceps (30.5 cm)

• Each style will accommodate two sheath diameters (large or small)

• A knurled handle for positive control

• A handle indicator to verify tunneler curve direction

• Stainless steel construction, offering strength and long life, as well as quick, reliable, atraumatic graft placement

• Specially designed, stainless steel sterilization/storage case also available