True Flow RDB


True Flow RDB cannula is a silicone cannula with two lumen: main lumen is for blood infusion to the brain via the innominate and left carotid arteries. The second lumen consists in a inflation channel for the positioning balloon, which is located near the tip of the cannula.

• First specific device designed for ASCP

• Simplified lock system

• Silicone Made

• Bendable steel wire inside Cannula wall to model the cannula according to surgeon’s need

Reduced risk of kinking

No blood flow modification when the cannula is curved

Inflatable top balloon to keep the cannula in position and to prevent backflow

Additional side perfusion holes for a gentle perfusion

• Multiple Size available: 14-17-20 French for Different Patient Sizes:

- 14F Small patients (50 – 60 Kg)

- 17F Standard Patients

- 20F Large Patients

• Operative Lenght: 35 cm

• Lines for the pump included (on request)


• Prolonged “safe” cerebral protection time

• Moderate hypothermia

• Shorter CPB time

• Reduced coagulation complications

• Improved cerebral cooling

• Mantained cerebral autoregulation

• Independent control of cerebral and systemic circulation