The Scanlan Group

Scanlan manufactures their instruments from highest grade surgical steel or titanium, which offers lighter, more durable, but also less traumatic instruments. Needle holders, forceps and clamps are available in both stainless steel and titanium, while scissors are stainless steel.

Since 1921, Scanlan International has been committed to the design and manufacture of the highest quality surgical instrumentation for medical professionals around the world. Scanlan is specialized in manufacturing precision and specialty instrumentation for cardiac, vascular, neuro, thoracic, transplant, paediatric and micro surgery and instruments for MICS/VATS procedures.

Constantly improving and refining, bringing new designs and ideas in cooperation with surgeons, Scanlan is the market leader in precission and quality instrumentation, helping surgeons around the world to help their patients.

There are a lot of things to say about Scanlan instruments but to put it shortly: high quality, weight, balance, tactile feel, performance, durability and reliability is why surgeons prefer Scanlan instruments.

We encourage you to contact us about the presentation of the unique SCANLAN collection.