Rocco clamp

The Scanlan Group

The New SCANLAN® Rocco Nodule Clamps may be utilized by the surgeon to assist in the excision of small peripheral (outer third of the lung) nodules during thoracotomy or VATS procedures. Specifically, the Rocco Nodule Clamp will provide visualization of the resection borders to help surgeons decide between wedge resection, segmentectomy or lobectomy procedures.

The New SCANLAN® Rocco Nodule Clamps have the following design features:

• 10 mm sliding shaft design

• Choice of 2 ring sizes:
- 3.0 cm inner diameter, 3.7 cm outer diameter
- 4.5 cm inner diameter, 5.2 cm outer diameter

• 9-Ratchet closure design – this design ensures that the jaws are parallel and the rings 1-cm apart when the handle is closed to the 5th ratchet. Actuating ratchets 6-9 further closes the jaws.

• 1-cm spacing between the proximal end of the jaws (non-ring) when the jaws are closed minimizes trauma to the tissue in the proximal end of the jaws.

• Ring handle design