Perflow Stream™

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The Stream™ Net empowers physicians with full device control and excellent visibility to make real-time adjustments during a thrombectomy procedure.

Innovative tools for neurovascular interventions

The Stream device is the first product to feature CEREBRAL NET™ technology, an adjustable braided net configuration that allows device manipulation for complex neurovascular conditions.


Real-time adjustments of net diameter, length, and radial force


Physician-refined compliance provides the best fit for the vessel

Apply Your Expertise in Real-time

Clinical adjustments that make a difference

Prevent Collapse in Tortuous Anatomy

Dynamic wall apposition with the ideal balance of flexibility and rigidity.

See the Complete Picture

Braided net with excellent visibility under fluoroscopy.

Secure the Thrombus

Efficient Clot Retention

The braided net employs three methods to securely anchor and capture the clot during retrieval.

• Radial Force generates friction between the clot and the device grip.
•Pinching Effect created by diameter adjustments that change the angle between net wires.
• Cross-Wire Entanglement within overlapping braided wires ensnares the clot.

Precise Manipulation

The Stream's unique handle uses an intuitive and ergonomic design to translate forces while providing optimized tensile feedback.

• Free mode allows continuous adjustments.
• Auto-lock mode allows incremental adjustments.

The Stream devices are intended for use in vessel diameters of 1.5 – 6.0 mm

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Perflow Stream™