Perflow Cascade™

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The Cascade™ Net empowers physicians with non-occlusive support, full device control and excellent visibility during coil embolization of intracranial aneurysms.

Innovative tools for neurovascular interventions

The Cascade device features CEREBRAL NET™ technology, an adjustable braided net configuration that allows device manipulation for complex neurovascular conditions.


Make real-time informed decisions to improve patient outcomes.


Responsive braided net provides excellent compliance with vessel geometry.

Focus on Repair

Support with Perfusion

Cascade keeps coils in place while enabling blood flow through the device.

Treatment Centered

Cascade does not limit the procedure time allowing to safely treat the aneurysm.

A Perfect Balance

The right balance between rigidity and flexibility provides a straight non-contorted shape.

Architectural Edge

Optimized Cell Size

Densely braided net creates a physical barrier that prevents coil protrusion and possible entanglement.

Evenly Distributed Radial Force

Thin wires provide compliance with vessel geometry and no pressure points on the artery wall.

Predictable Support

Operator manipulations correspond to expected behavior of the braided net.

Reliable and Adaptable

Adjust length by partially re-sheathing the net with a microcatheter.

Excellent Radiopacity

The device is visible throughout the procedure.

The Cascade device is intended for use in vessel diameters of 2.0 – 6.0 mm

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Perflow Cascade™