Getinge grafts and patches


Full line polyester vascular grafts and patches.
Over 50 years of technical and clinical experience in vascular graft technology.

InterGard Silver

The world first antimicrobial grafts is utilizing well known and proven antimicrobial properties of Silver.

IniterGard Silver is using silver acetate salt, which is mixed with collagen for coating of the polyester graft, to protect the graft in early, most critical phase of graft incorporation. Silver ions are released as the collagen coating is absorbed and graft gets incorporated, through 4-6 weeks after implantation.

Since its introduction on the market IniterGard Silver became the standard for prophylaxis of vascular graft infection.

InterGard Silver is available in wide variety of graft configurations and sizes, both in knitted and woven pattern.

HemaPatch Silver

Ultrathin vascular polyester patch coated with silver acetate, as a protection from infection in challenging areas (like f. e. inguinal) or in patients with high risk of infection.

InterGard Synergy

New concept of antimicrobial grafts, combining well proven silver acetate coating with additional antimicrobial agent – Triclosan. InterGard Synergy grafts offer same polyester performance as InterGard or InterGard Silver grafts, but have increased antimicrobial activity for extra protection or in cases of vascular graft infection treatment.

InterGard Synergy is available in same configurations and sizes like InterGard Silver, but only knitted.

IniterGard Heparin

Collagen coated polyester graft additionally bonded with bioactive heparin on inner surface of the graft for antithrombotic and antiproliferative effect. Clinical benefit includes higher patency rates compared to non-heparinized PTFE grafts and significantly lower amputation rates compared with non-heparinized PTFE grafts in peripheral bypass procedures.

HemaCarotid Patch Heparin Ultrathin

Ultrathin polyester vascular patch bonded with bioactive heparin for improved patency.

Fusion and Fusion Bioline

First and only vascular graft made from two well used graft materials: polyester for outer layer, to ensure better graft incorporation and better haemostatic properties (unwanted suture hole bleeding) and PTFE as inner layer, to ensure superior patency rates.
Available in standard peripheral diameters and lengths, with or without spiral support.


Polyester vascular grafts coated with collagen, available in knitted or woven pattern, in wide variety of configurations and sizes. Along with InterGard grafts GETINGE offers HemaCarotid Patch Ultrathin, a standard for carotid patchplasty procedures.

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