EVEREST Titanium Ligating Clips

Medical Device Development

EVEREST clips are made of high quality titanium. The clips contain transverse and longitudinal grooves - thanks to which the clip perfectly holds on the tissue, the protection against damage to the vessel is guaranteed by the shape of the clip allowing to close first the ends and then the middle part of the clip.


EVEREST Clip made of pure high medical grade titanium ensure biocompatibility, malleability and compatibility with MRI.


EVEREST Clip is secured on the ligated tissues by transverse and longitudinal serrations and the chevron shape of the clip guarantee complete tip to tip closure, security on the applier´s jaw ensured by our special diamond dust treatment of the applier´s grooves.


The smart cartridge design allows one hand frictionless loading with wide variety of color coded appliers to meet every need.
Adhesive cartridge backing holds on any surface.

• Clip made of pure titanium.

• Transverse serrations guarentee no slipping from vessel.

• Chevron shape clip for complete vessel overlapping.

• MRI compatible & radio-opaque.

• Precise smart loading mechanism.

• Adhesive backing on the EVEREST cartridge.

• EVEREST Appliers with diamond dust jaws.