LSI Solutions

Our revolutionary COR-KNOT® DEVICE is faster than hand-tying and offers strength, security and reliability in cardiac valve replacement and repair.

The presented device is manufactured in the USA by LSI Solutions.

Our revolutionary COR-KNOT® DEVICE is faster than manual bundling and offers SINGLE binding power, safety and reliability for valve replacement and repair. In addition, it saves time during the procedure and enables access to hard-to-reach places compared to the tools used so far. Numerous studies show an average saving of over 15 minutes.

We offer two lengths of the automatic knot gun to provide comfort depending on the operational access:

• 4mm shaft COR-KNOT MINI® 17cm

• 5mm shaft COR-KNOT® MIS 31cm

Indications for Use:

The COR-KNOT® DEVICE used in conjunction with LSI SOLUTIONS® specified 2-0 polyester suture and a COR-KNOT® titanium fastener is indicated for use to fasten and trim suture in general and cardiovascular surgical applications.


Provides a strong, secure and safe alternative to hand-tied knots.


Expedites the loading and reloading of a COR-KNOT® FASTENER into the COR-KNOT® DEVICE.

The system offers many advantages:

• Unparalleled automated reliability

• Clinically Proven. Over 375 thousand cardiovascular patients with 6.2 million fasteners over 12 years in 64 countries

• Facilitates Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

• Ergonomic. Fun and easy to use with tiny shaft, certainly smaller than fingers

• Short Learning-Curve making COR-KNOT® quickly and easily learned

• Single Squeeze. Automatically crimps and trims; dramatically reduces instrument exchanges

• Suture Tail Control. Now you can readily orient suture tails away from leaflets

• Tight Approximation. Enables simultaneous suture tensioning and prosthetic compression for scientifically demonstrated secure apposition

• Consistent Knot Strength. Delivers over 4kg of holding force every time

• Fast. Multiple studies demonstrate an average savings of more than 15 minutes in aortic cross-clamp time

Video links for information on using COR-KNOT® products:

Dr. Peter A. Knight performing a minimally invasive AVR using the COR-KNOT® DEVICE.

Dr. Victor Costache performing a minimally invasive MVR using the COR-KNOT® DEVICE.

Dr. Joseph Turek presents COR-KNOT® Live-In-A-Box at ISMICS 2019 in New York City.