BOSS Kerrisony

BOSS Instruments, Ltd.

We are excited to inform you that MAC's MEDICAL Group has just started cooperation with very well known US company for instruments, “BOSS Instruments” LTD, which are offering full-line surgical instruments, but the most known instruments are for neuro and spine surgery (above 7.000 code numbers).

Boss Instruments offers various instruments in neuro and spine surgery:

• Bipolar Forceps/ Knives/ Spatulas
• Elevators/ Separators/ Dissectors/ Curettes
• Retractors: Cranial/ Cervical/ Lamina
• Rongeurs Kerrison/ Rongeurs IVD/ Rongeurs Bone
• Transsphenoidal Instruments
• Pituitary Instruments

„BOSS Instruments“ is respected brand name, particularly in Kerrisons

Company “Boss” is well known company for neuro and spine surgery instruments. They offer more than 7.000 different code numbers for those specialty. Particularly in Kerrisons, they are world respected brand name and known as company which offers the most extensive Kerrison rounger line on the market, including standard and apex detachable (which do not come apart).


• Micro Style: The most popular style of Kerrison Rongeur for both lumbar and cervical procedures. Micro Kerrison Rongeurs feature a 9 mm bite opening and a handle reach 30% shorter than a Spurling.
• Spurling Style: The original handle style for all Kerrison Rongeurs, Spurling Kerrison Rongeurs feature a 15 mm bite opening and a long handle reach.
• Tarpon Style: offers the 15 mm bite opening of a Spurling with a smaller handle size similar to the popular Micro.


All of our Kerrison Rongeurs are crafted in high-quality, hardened, German stainless steel. However, to maintain a sharp edge and smooth action over frequent usage, BOSS Kerrison Rongeurs are available with two performance coatings, ensuring your Rongeur is at peak performance.

PANTHER™ Using an Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AlTin) coating bonded to the steel at high heat and pressure, Panther Rongeurs feature a low-glare black finish, smooth cutting action, and increased cutting-edge hardness.

SUPER-COAT utilizes the strength and lubricity of Titanium Nitride bonded to the instrument surface. This special coating gives the Rongeur its distinctive gold color.

APEX Kerrison Rongeurs = Clearly the clean choice!

What was once one of the most difficult to clean instruments, is now one of the easiest!

With the simple push of a button, the top rail of our APEX Kerrison Rongeur lifts up for easy inspection and cleaning. For quick reassembly, the top rail locks back into place with a simple squeeze of the handle. Available in stainless steel or with a Panther™ performance coating

• Apex Kerrison Rongeurs

• Bayonet Kerrison Rongeurs

• IVD Rongeurs

• Foraminotomy Rongeurs

All Kerrison Rongeurs instruments can be in different length, style, size of tip, coating and angle.
We hope you will find these new solutions interesting for your everyday practice.

We have DEMO set of 8 different Kerrison Roungers. We will be happy to show it to you.

“Boss Instruments” LTD, headquarter is based in Central Virginia, USA, since 1991. Company focus is on the HIGHEST QUALITY speciality products and DEDICATION to CUSTOMER SERVICE, so that’s for, offers LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects in materials or workmanship for its instruments and retractor systems.

If you are interested to see our demo case, or you would like to find out more about the features and performance of our BOSS instruments line, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to visit you.