BOSS Instrumets-Lobster™

BOSS Instrumets, LTD.

We would like to share with you our latest offer for BOSS Instruments-Lobster™ - table mounted retractor system dedicated to general and vascular procedures. BOSS Instruments offer wide range of stainless steel and radiolucent aluminum blades, swivel blades for optimal retraction angle or perforated retractors which can be malleable and many more!

The characteristic for Lobster™ system are independent arm adjustment capabilities meaning each side can be unlocked/locked independently. The arms are moveable versatility and might be adjustable during a procedure both or only one of arm without compromising patient safety.

The unique feature of Lobster™ Clamp is system “Snap on/Snap in” – insertion the clamp to the retractor is done by “snap” the shaft of the retractor in the clamp. Final adjustment is accomplished by sliding the retractor shaft back and forth in the clamp before locking. This system makes the clamps stable and no need to insert the retractor’s shaft into a hole in a clamp – so nice and easy set up time!

We have available BOSS™ LOBSTER™ expanded vascular system ready for evaluation which include:
• Lobster Table Clamp W/ Vertical Post & Frame Coupler
• Lobster Hinged Extension Arm
• Lobster Frame
• Lobster Retractor Clamp x10
• Lobster Mayo Swivel Ret 7cmx5cm x2
• Lobster Mayo Swivel Ret 9cmx5cm
• Lobster Fence Swivel Ret 10cmx15cm
• Lobster Deaver Swivel Ret 7cmx11.4cm
• Lobster Malleable Swivel Ret, perforated 5cmx16.5cm
• Lobster Malleable Swivel Ret, perforated 7.6cmx16.5cm
• Lobster Harrington Sweetheart Ret 5cmx12.5cm
• Lobster Renal Swivel Ret 2.5cmx15.2cm x2
• Lobster Splanchnic Swivel Ret 5cmx11.4cm
• Lobster Splanchnic Swivel Ret 5cmx15.2cm
• Lobster Retractor Case

Please see attached brochure where you can check a wide range of retractors, blades and possibilities!

To schedule evaluation in your centre/hospital please do not hesitate to contact us.

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