BARD Medical

BARD Peripheral Vascular has a long tradition in making of vascular PTFE grafts. Its distinct and unique feature make it vascular surgeons favourite. Offer includes range of single wall ePTFE grafts, complemented with PTFE pledgets and felts. In addition there are also shunts for carotid endarterectomy.

Specific of BARD Peripheral Vascular ePTFE is carbon coating of inner graft surface. Carbon is in structure of the graft in inner quarter of wall thickness, so no danger of eventual particle embolization. With its negative potential it is increasing the negative potential of ePTFE material itself and due to also negative potential of blood cells, this creates strongly anti-thrombogenic surface. Carbon coating is standard and it is present in every BARD Peripheral Vascular ePTFE graft.

Another important feature is preformed distal cuff – as per fact that distal anastomosis is the place of the failure of peripheral bypass, BARD Peripheral Vascular wanted to use the experience of different distal anastomotic techniques and offer it as a standard, improving the results and additionally saving the time.

BARD Peripheral Vascular line of ePTFE grafts include:

• Carboflo – carbon impregnated grafts in regular and thin-wall version, with or without spiral support which can be easily removed, available also in tapered or stepped configuration

• Distaflo – cuffed carbon impregnated grafts specifically designed for below the knee bypasses, thin-walled and with spiral support which can be easily removed

• Dinaflo – cuffed carbon impregnated grafts specifically designed for above the knee bypasses, regular wall thickens, with or without spiral support

• Venaflo – cuffed carbon impregnated grafts designed for a-v access

BARD Peripheral Vascular felts and pladgets - wide range of sizes, thickness and permeability.

BARD Peripheral Vascular carotid shunts:

• Straight with or without holes

• Burbank shunt

• Brener shunt

• Javid chunts