Allium Medical

The idea of Allium stents is to create solution to exclude or minimize complications relevant to previous stents generations (encrustation, migration, and traumatic removal).

Why not to place a stent for specific period of time, remove it and have no need to place another one?

Allium unlike the others, offers specific type, length, configuration of stent specific to position of the stricture and indication in ureter or urethra. Using Allium stent, we tend to reach to point of tissue healing!

Stent is fully cover with polymer compound of polyurethane and silicone

• It is biocompatible and biostable under urinary conditions

• The polyurethane structure is characterized by excellent mechanical parameters and pressure resistance

• Ensures perfect adhesion to walls

• Prevents stent infiltration and proliferation of urothelial epithelium between stent wires

• Reduces the frequency of calcification and stone formation

You may ask how to remove the stent after time. Allium stents has unique and non-traumatic unravelling mechanism. Usually stent will be just pulled out with alligator grasper in one piece. In case of difficulties using pull out force of 1.5 Kg will open the stent to form of strap.


• Easily placed and removed

• Fully covered embedded nitinol

• Smooth inner surface for reduced encrustation

• Up to 3 years indwelling time

• Anatomically designed

• Large lumen for proper flow

• Unravelling mechanism

• Treatment for both regular complications management

If you want to know more, please visit the manufacturer's website and contact our representative.