BioIntegral Vascular Grafts


BioIntegral Surgical manufactures cardiac and vascular implants made from all-biological materials, using the No-React® treatment. No-React® is a proprietary detoxification of glutaraldehyde-treated tissue.

Grafts are made from bovine pericardium, treated with glutaraldehyde and detoxified with No-React® treatment, stored in 2% saline solution of benzyl-alcohol and do not require rinsing before implantation. No-React® treatment enhances fast endothelialisation within 4-5 weeks after the implantation, thus making the graft resists infection by native endothelial coverage. Bovine pericardium is sutured with continuous sutures with 1 interrupted suture each 2 mm to allow adjusting of the length without un-zipping.

Exceptional material properties:

• High resistance to stenosis, calcification, dilatation and thrombosis

• Proven resistance to infection

• Made of bovine pericardium

• Can be cut without the fear of material dissipation - double seam

• No rinsing or soaking (material stored in saline solution)

• Storage at room temperature

• Long shelf life (from 2 to 4 years)

Tubular peripheral vascular grafts

Bifurcation vascular grafts

BioIntegral Grafts

BioIntegral Aortic Grafts

BioIntegral Bifurcation Vascular Grafts

More than seventeen years of proven clinical experience with No-React® devices shows:

• Reduced toxicity

• Enhanced biocompatibility

• Dramatically lower rates of infection

• Elimination of adhesion and calcification

• Promotion of functional endothelial lining