Welcome to the web site of one of the leading distributing companies for cardiovascular implants, interventional radiology and general surgery products.

MAC`s MEDICAL Group covers Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European countries, with the Head office in Austria.

We are especially proud of the fact that in the area of former Yugoslavia, from pioneers we have developed into the leading supplier of cardiovascular implants. Today, 16 years later we are again starting as pioneers in regenerative medicine and stem cells therapy.


MISSION– what does it really mean?


Since 1984 we collect professional medical experience – especially in circulatory - where we learned that “quality” is not just a word. We understood that an improvement in quality of just 1% for us could mean a 100% for one patients. Consequently, an

Very soon, we have learned that only a “win-win” model functions! For us it’s normal and important to care about the concerns of our partners and we call it 

Fair Play 
We also recognised that quality goes side by side with the knowledge. Professional knowledge, on the other hand, requires time. Lots of time. Therefore we are


Long Term Orientation

We recognised that a steady further development is possible only by exchanging of experience with our partners (customers & suppliers). As a result we endeavoured to work in  long term relationships and strive for open and constructive 

MAC’s MEDICAL Team communicates on all levels, since we believe that only a co-ordinated team is able to meet the needs of our partners (customers & suppliers). To further develop a professional team needs 

We, MAC’s MEDICAL Group work hard to combine all this. We admit it is not simple and certainly not easy. But, our target is to provide a high quality service and not an “easy going story”!





Ante Cicin-Sain
Marion Cicin-Sain

Aldona Kalinowska
Polish Operator

Alma Vidakovic
Medical Director

Vladimir Peric
Product Specialist CardioVascular


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